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Dear Boys and Girls

Please accept my respects. You may have known a puranic personality called by the name Sri Prahlada Maharaja. To protect him supreme Lord Sri Krishna took His Nrisingha Avatara and vanquished king Hiranyakasipu the demoniac father of Srila Prahlada Maharaja.

Do you know what Srila Prahalada Maharaja has said? He said - “kaumara acaret prajno, dharman bhagavatan iha, durlabham manusam janma tad apy adhruvam arthadam.” He says in this sloka that this human form of life is very temporary in nature and it may come to an end at any moment. This human form of life is rarely achieved and therefore it is the duty of every human being to accept the doctrines of Bhagavata dharma or in other words sanatana dharma and practice the principles of this atma dharma from the very beginning of life.

If we look at the present scenario of the position of the youths, we can very easily see that very few of them are happy, confident and healthy in body and mind. In every educational institution, this difficult state of the young generation is being reflected in the form of agitations, strikes and student unrest. Individually they are also suffering a lot. They do not know actually what is the goal of the life and what they are going to achieve through this pattern of the educational system which is completely devoid of any kind of teaching on spiritual life and spirituality.

As a result they are feeling completely frustrated. A very few of them are getting good employment whereas most of them are being forced to be satisfied with something they never wanted.

So this way we can conclude that the present generation of the society need to be guided properly. Actually there is nothing to be frustrated of because in order to be happy in life, the material or mundane process which they are adopting in life shall never be fruitful. Srila Prahlada Maharaja says that we cannot find either temporary or permanent peace & happiness, through any material endeavor. We must educate ourselves spiritually and we must understand the nature of ourselves. We must understand what we are and what we are doing and what we are expected to do. Unless and until we come to the platform of atma jijnasa and undertake authentic spiritual standards in our lifestyle, we cannot be really happy and content. This is called “athato brahma jijnasa.” One must inquire about his own position and knowing it perfectly he/she has to behave accordingly.

In order to find and spread such a platform and atmosphere Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada wanted to create a forum within his society called ISKCON YOUTH FORUM (I. Y. F.). The prime duty of this forum is to organize youth programs and educate them in a very systematic way through organizing spiritual classes, seminars, debates and lectures about the very aim and objective of the human life. Till today this forum has already achieved a lot of success by bringing many young boys and girls into the field of spiritual life and yet a long way is to be gone. Whatever achieved till date is but a drop from the ocean. So let us come forward and work together in the line of previous Vaisnava Acharyas, especially Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and create an atmosphere of permanent peace and happiness. By doing that no doubt we can satisfy the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna and thereby we can become happy really.

- Krsnagati Dasa

Students desirous of participating in ISKCON Youth Forum activities may contact at the following contact details:

1. H.G. Vaikunthanayaka Dasa
Mob. No.: 9777604445

2. H.G. Tukarama Dasa
Mob. No.: 8871930241

Chant the Holy Name and be happy

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